CEOs blaze a path to success, fueled by passion and supported by peers

Integrity, authenticity and civic-mindedness — that puts the leaders in the Vistage community out in front, leading the pack. The stories we share in our Fall 2021 edition of Vistage Perspectives magazine feature some incredible member accomplishments — CEOs who are blazing new paths based on their passions and purpose, fully embracing the spirit of helping others and willing to share their lessons learned outside their peer groups.

Blazing Your Own Path

Meet five CEOs who are fueled by their passions and purpose to blaze new paths to success by identifying gaps in the marketplace. They’ve built thriving organizations that help others live authentically, affect civic change, help seniors age in a dignified, sustainable environment … and even make a better pizza!

Elevating Your Team to Scale Your Business

Developing leaders at all levels pays off in big ways. No one knows this better than Mike Rydin, the HCSS CEO, who has surpassed $100 million revenue using a blend of Vistage programs to develop employees. Here, he shares the secret to his success.

Life After the Sale

What comes after the C-suite? The sale! We followed up with three Vistage members who reached the finish line, sold their businesses and started new lives on their own terms.

A Chair for All

Vistage Chairs are known for their generosity of spirit, and none more exemplary than Peter Schwartz. He sprang into action to pick up the responsibilities of a fellow Chair who was critically ill – even as Schwartz dealt with his own personal challenges. Learn the story behind the man who earned Vistage’s highest and most prestigious recognition.

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