Postcards from the Climb: How Vistage members led growth in the pandemic

perspectives magazine spring 2021

Business pivots. Reinvention. Pure grit. This describes the world of the CEO and business owner over the past year. It has been tough terrain for many leaders, and for Vistage members, the journey has resulted in incredible stories of resilience. Which of these stories parallels your own experience? Dive into our spring edition of Vistage Perspectives magazine to discover your connection to our community. 

Postcards from the Climb

Meet four CEOs who grew their businesses despite the pandemic. They forged partnerships, led advocacy efforts and took care of their teams. They didn’t wait for the storm to break; they broke the storm.

perspectives magazine spring 2021

Fast and Steady

More than 300 Vistage member companies made the 2020 Inc. 5000. We spoke to the leaders of “Hunt a Killer,” “Million Dollar Baby” and “KRJ Consulting” to understand how they sent their revenues soaring.

Life After the C-Suite

What’s life like after the C-suite? We followed up with three Vistage members who reached the summit, sold their businesses and started a new life.

A Lighthouse for CEOs

Vistage Chair Miguel Pardo Calvo abruptly uprooted from Brazil and moved to the Iberian Peninsula. Learn how the move changed his life, his career and the trajectory of so many CEOs.



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