Five Leadership Lessons from the U.S Armed Forces


Some of the most effective leaders in our country have come out of the United States Armed Forces. With commanders such as presidents George Washington and Dwight Eisenhower, and the CEOs of companies such as FedEx, Lockheed Martin, Verizon and General Motors issuing from its ranks, few institutions can claim such a monopoly on teaching efficiency, expediency, critical thinking and leadership. Within the Vistage Worldwide community alone, nearly 70 Chairs have served in the United States military.

In honor of Memorial Day, Vistage Worldwide gathered leaders groomed for excellence by the United States Navy, Air Force, Marines, Army and Coast Guard for a series of Executive Street posts.

Stephen Johnson of the U.S. NavyNavy talks about how a CEO commands the morale of his team.

Mike Malone of the U.S. Marine Corps Marinerecalls how watching a ship get underway informed his idea of teamwork.

Bob Slate’s  personal essay coast_guardmemorializes his former U.S. Coast Guard commander in the Antarctic.

Randy Miller’s experiencesairforce with positive and negative leadership in the U.S. Air Force shaped his leadership mantra.

armyRichard Carr recalls a three-star general whose example he has followed through his own career.

Happy Memorial Day from Vistage Worldwide.

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