Working with your board: A delicate balancing act [CEO interview]

Why Leadership Development Will Create Better Leaders for the Future

Sam Reese

For CEOs, communication is key to the functional, productive relationships that keep the wheels of their company advancing smoothly. Chief among these relationships are those that connect a CEO to the board and the investors. But it’s a delicate balance, as Sam Reese of Vistage Worldwide will attest.  Reese has been on both sides of the boardroom table in his 30-plus years in business, having served on various boards and now as the CEO of the peer-counseling organization.

Reese’s unique insights on the challenges facing  CEOs draw on his daily contact with some of the business world’s most influential C-suite executives.

In this interview with Slingshot’s Bill Golder, Reese reveals his ability to appeal to his board members’ better nature, to mine the opportunities found in challenging times, and to create a team out of seemingly disparate board member personalities.

Read the interview here.

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