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In 1996, Jay Steinfeld started a Mom & Pop drapery business out of the back of his car. Jay wanted his company to grow, and he joined a local peer advisory group in 2004 in order to help make that happen.

peer advisory groupFrom discussion with his peers, Jay discovered that his company culture was acting as a barrier to the growth that he envisioned. Employee turnover, low engagement and difficulty finding talent was all contributing to his company’s inability to leverage its new online storefront for additional growth.

Jay learned how to hire, coach, and set the right expectations for his employees from his peer group. This resulted in a cultural change that became the foundation of organizational change – and rapid growth.  Today, is the world’s number one online window coverings store, with more than $150 million in revenues. It employs 131 people with only 3 percent turnover, and has earned accolades for its company culture, including the AMA Marketer of the Year, Call Center of the Year, Best Place to Work in Houston, Top 50 Workplaces in Texas, and one of the Top 50 Most Engaged Workplaces in America.

Jay is now a passionate advocate for an amazing and profitable company culture, and he credits his peer group at Vistage for making him a more effective employer. As part of my promise to share success stories of how peers can make the difference when it comes to personal and professional success, here’s Jay’s story as only Jay can tell it!

Jay Steinfeld – Vistage member spotlight

How about sharing your success story! If you’ve achieved remarkable results thanks to your peer group, visit our Facebook page to tell us how your peers made a difference in your life!

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