Busyness is laziness [video podcast]


In this edition of the Vistage Podcast series, CEO, executive coach and speaker Jason Hartanov dispels the time management myth that ‘busy is better.’ Jason, who describes himself as a recovering perfectionist, discusses how he finds the time to be super productive without being overwhelmed. With the objective of helping leaders grow their businesses while still finding time to live a purpose-filled and inspired lives, Jason unpacks the ideas of planning, delegating and prioritizing as the means to achieving your goals.

“Do not buy into the lie that says you just have to do more and work faster and work sooner,” he said. “Plan every day. Spend thirty minutes starting your day asking ‘What would a winning day look like to me?’ The fact is, planning is the most important thing we do.”

Watch the podcast and see if you agree with Jason that ‘busyness is laziness.’


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