What is the importance of continuous innovation in today’s business world?

On this week’s episode of The CEO TV Show George Halvorson,  Joe Taylor,  John Paul DeJoria, and Lynn Tilton discuss the importance of technology and continuous innovation in today’s world.

Joe Taylor, CEO of Panasonic describes innovation as being able to adapt to the markets needs and demands.  The market has changed profoundly from the industrial revolution to now. “How quickly can you can adapt” is what innovation means to him.

Lynn Tilton, CEO of Patriarch Partners believes that incremental innovation is the key to success.  By taking the product closer to the customer and know what’s driving their needs you can move innovation along. Knowing what excites them and delivering it.

John Paul DeJoria, CEO of John Paul Mitchell Systems believes technology drives innovation.  How to use technology and to know when not to use technology is what drives innovation, using technology to enhance product to things it has never done before.

George Halvorson, CEO of Kaiser Permanente believes that technology will drive innovation in the health care arena. The advancement of cheap, high speed data connectivity will open up new direction for patient care in non-traditional environments. Find out more about more about what drives innovation by watching this week’s episode of The CEO TV Show.

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