What does your company’s brand mean to you?

We hear a lot about brand but what does it really mean for you company?

Shelly Lazarus, Chairman of Ogilvy & Mather discusses the history of brand, says “the brand is the most important asset a company has.  In the best companies Shelly knows, the CEO’s actually “own” the brand.  Shelly also discusses how to promote and drive your brand forward.

Arkadi Kuhlmann, CEO of ING Direct, discusses creating a unique brand in the banking industry by following a retail model.  Arkadi shares how he found a new way to connect with customers and how this was the driving force that helped his organization grow so quickly.

Lynn Tilton, CEO of Patriarch Partners, believes that breathing new life into iconic brands is the way to bring a company back to life. Lynn has made her huge fortune by re-branding failing companies and gives us her unique perspective on reviving a brand.

Find out more about the branding secrets of these three highly successful CEOs on this week’s video interview.

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