Veterans Day

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Today we honor our veterans for their courageous sacrifices for our country. At a time when unemployment numbers for veterans have reached record highs, we asked Vistage members who are either retired or active duty military how their service has impacted their business and what leadership skills veterans bring to the workforce. Here are their responses:

“There are many qualities that veterans bring to the table that benefit an organization: attitude, respect, perseverance, problem solving as well as important intangible benefits that are displayed in innumerable ways by veterans.  Our veterans make up about 16% of our staff and range from those new to the work force to those on the brink of retirement. Each brings a unique skill set to our organization that we truly value. Veterans know how to work with others under any circumstance and succeed. They are team players, they follow directions, they take the initiative to complete the job, and they assume the role of leaders if there are no designated leaders on the job. Veterans are typically people of service to others and as such, fit well in any company. After all, isn’t every company in the business to serve others?” 

Tadd Tomoske, Service Manager, Communication Company of South Bend, Inc. United States Marine Corps Reserve (1983-present)

“The United States Marine Corps gave me the discipline, drive and tenacity to endure the challenges of owning and operating a business.” 

Dave Lepore, President, S-Tek, Inc. United States Marine Corps (1965-1969)

“Being a veteran has had a huge impact on me and thus has had a big impact on our business. It was a tremendous experience that taught me many lessons about leadership and gave me complete confidence in my ability to lead people effectively in stressful situations. My military experience helped me have a quick impact when I joined the company. Veterans bring very good skills and experience to the workforce. Generally they have strong leadership skills, great work ethic and work well under pressure.”

Daniel Schildge, President, CRP Industries Inc. United States Navy (1990-1998)

Are you a veteran or do you have a specific veteran hiring initiative in place? If so, please comment and share what leadership skills veterans bring to your workplace!

Happy Veterans Day and thank you to all who have served!

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