Robert Reiss Launches The CEO TV Show – CEOs Who Have Changed the Fabric of American Society

CEO TV Show - Arkadi Kuhlmann

I have been interviewing in-depth CEOs for the past four years on my nationally syndicated radio show.  I’ve now interviewed over 200 of them.  My aim is to provide media platforms for the CEOs who have changed the fabric of our society to tell their stories directly to the American people.  Why?  Well, CEOs more than anyone else are responsible for adding jobs, value added, and vision and strategic direction to our economy and society.  Yet traditional media seem only interested in Charlie Sheen, Britney Spears, rock stars, movie stars, sports stars, and others who have no real influence on the mainstream of our economy.  If traditional media do cover CEOs, normally it is because they’ve committed some egregious affrontery, or is paid a lot of money, or done something stupid.  Otherwise they are simply ignored.  Why?  These are the men and women who are leading us into the 21st century – don’t you think we should listen to them rather than Charlie Sheen?

Last year we launched “The CEO Forum”, a quarterly publication, that’s distributed to America’s top 10,000 CEOs.  The editorial is the best interviews of CEOs in print form.  Why?  Because according to research we conducted, 94% of CEOs said they find learning from other CEOs is valuable to them.  One of my favorite phrases is:  “There’s no possible way you can ever imagine all the things that never occurred to you!”  So the purpose is to share insights and experiences amongst the CEO community.  If we share the best practices, insights, and thoughts within the US CEO community, we can elevate the economy and society.

We’ve now launched The CEO TV Show, which is a new model on-line.  We’ve taken the traditional broadcast model of providing quality programming to a number of affiliates that have affinity and proximity to America’s CEO community.  Each month we interview a top CEO, and each week we provide a new episode.  We are very proud that Vistage.com was the very first affiliate to The CEO TV Show.  This week we begin with Arkadi Kuhlmann, CEO of ING Direct.  Arkadi launched ING Direct in 2000 to be a savings bank on-line just after the Tech Bubble burst.  Today, after 10 years, it has over $90 billion in assets, the largest pure savings bank in America.  His higher purpose is to drive America back to savings.  Why?  The more America saves, the more we succeed as an economy and a society – it really is as simple as that!

Forthcoming CEOs on The CEO TV Show include:  George Halvorson, Chairman and CEO of Kaiser Permanente, the largest not-for-profit health care provider in the country.  Halvorson has more insights into solving our health care problems than anyone.  Tune in in June to watch and listen to George.  In July, we will be featuring Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos.com, one of the most successful on-line retailers that was just bougth by Amazon.com for over $1.2 billion.  August will be…. well, you’ll just have to keep coming back to Vistage.com to see who else we feature that will give you unique insights that simply can’t be found elsewhere.

If you like The CEO TV Show, please tell your friends.  Thanks for watching.

Watch this weeks full episode:

Watch the CEO TV Show Week 11

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