Jim McCann CEO of 1-800 Flowers on Innovation

This week on the CEO TV Show Robert Reiss interviews Jim McCann, CEO of 1-800 Flowers.com.

Jim McCann best describes innovation as an idea borrowed, but re-shaped to fit your industry. Asked how CEOs can become better innovators, McCann says “corny” techniques can be very effective.  One such practice is “hanging out with young people”, to keep current with popular technologies.

He recalls the time one of his younger employees familiarized him with the social networking site, Facebook.  That’s when McCann recognized the technology as an opportunity to connect with his customers.  And he has since done so in meaningful ways.  McCann tells the story of how one customer reached out to the organization, using Facebook, with an idea for a unique flower arrangement.  By collaborating with that customer, 1-800 Flowers.com was able to fill a demand using a customer’s concept.

Find out more from Jim McCann of 1-800-flowers.com here.

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