David Novak, CEO Of Yum! Brands On Building Corporate Culture

How do you learn about corporate culture? David Novak, CEO of Yum! Brands, says he has always been conscious about building a great team and has always liked leading teams. David says he always had ideas of what he would do if he was president of the company, but everyone needs someone to help them and show them things they might not otherwise know.

Novak received a letter from Larry Senn who he ended up meeting with and learning great tools and exercises. David went with his senior leadership team and Larry to Blackberry, Tennessee, where Larry went through his exercises.

He then talks about some of Larry’s exercises: Casting the shadow of leadership – How you act is going to drive the kind of culture you have. Mood Elevator – Make sure you understand and are aware of your moods. David then goes on to talk about the customer experience. He says the customer experience will never be any better than the team member experience, and it is up to the leader to make sure your team has the positive attitude that customers will feel.

Find out more about Building your corporations culture on this week’s episode of The CEO TV Show.

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