CEO Joe Taylor of Panasonic describes taking your brand to a global level

This week on The CEO TV Show I discussed the importance of building a global brand with CEO Joe Taylor of Panasonic. Although Panasonic is already one of the most widely recognized brands in the electronics industry, Joe described to me that electronics is only part of what Panasonic creates.

Aside from the Panasonic consumer business that manufactures your TV and DVR systems, they also have a B2B business that provides finished products from laptops to telephone systems, and Panasonic also produces devices and components for their OEM products, such as refrigerator compressors and laptop battery packs.

“We are a great technology leader, but we are so quiet about it. Part of it is cultural. In the Japanese culture you don’t stand up and say look at me, look at me!” Joe explained. “But it’s not that kind of world anymore, it’s a global world and you have to explain more clearly what you are and what you do, and how you can help society.”

Joe went on to reveal to me that at Panasonic “As we evolve our brand and our company, you’re going to see another phase of us which we’re calling solutions.”

“We are building the world’s first smart sustainable town. From the very first concept to the conclusion the environment is number one in the forefront. So these will be houses not exactly off the grid but almost off the grid. Built with – and we are building all of it, from the houses to the appliances to the insulation – all of it. It will be eco- friendly and probably 40% more efficient than any house on the market today.” Joe concluded.

So how will Panasonic turn their new venture into a new modified global brand? Watch this weeks episode of The CEO TV Show to find out.

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