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The Stealing Has Started – Employers Beware!

I have commented in past entries that as economic recovery proceeds, the new jobs are going to go to those already employed.

It’s also a sad fact of human nature that people covet what others have, and this goes for employees too. A recent business article had this opening revelation: Being scouted, bank becomes a victim of its success as recruiters lure away executives. As the jobs are created, they will be filled by stealing the best employees from another employer. What should be the take-away be here?

Listen employers, because here it is: Retaining your best employees takes a positive culture and strategy.

Some employers have embarked upon a negative strategy. They have loaded up their employees with work and stress while providing few motivators like recognition and appreciation. They have done so because they felt their employees had no place else to go to get another job.

This has engendered so much resentment and distain that one statistic indicated that as much as 64 percent of the current workforce are ready to leave their employers as soon as a viable alternative job opportunity presents itself. Wow. Almost two out of every three employees are fed up with their current employer! That is a startling stat. The “Use them, then lose them,” strategy will soon be working.

To avoid this loss, employers need to establish a strategy that is aligned with a culture of recognizing employees as far more than interchangeable functionaries. By seeing and treating employees with respect and appreciation for their engagement, retaining them will be far more likely.

The real recovery is still months, perhaps years, away. There is still time to salvage relationships and establish systems that encourage empowerment and communication. Build an engaged group of employees or risk losing them to your competition.

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