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Redefining Recruitment Podcast: Seth Stein of Eastridge Workforce Solutions [Podcast]

Hiring the best people is on the agenda of all companies. But choosing a candidate that fits both a specific position and the culture of the business often proves challenging. Seth Stein, President of Eastridge Workforce Solutions, a talent acquisition firm in San Diego, is fluent in solving employee-related challenges after helping around 1300 companies hire more than 15,000 candidates every year.

“Companies look to us to augment their workforce challenges,” said Seth, who has been a Vistage CE member for two years. “Our firm takes a consultant-like approach to dive down on the data and analytics of the market to bring top tier talents to organizations.”

The biggest mistake companies make, according to Seth, is that most firms do not have the internal structure to inform top-level executives about hiring moves and strategy.

“After doing a talent acquisition assessment with my clients, I was shocked to find that only seven percent of my clients provide regular status updates to senior leadership in the company on how they are winning the competition for the best talent,” he said.

Every month, Seth attends Vistage meetings, where he helps other executives solve talent-related issues and to learn about how other companies implement their business development practices and talent acquisition plans. The fact that every meeting is a learning opportunity for Seth to bring back to his firm is the biggest benefit he gets as a member.

“The most rewarding part of my job is that I get to fill in gaps at companies and also help great people find jobs, that’s part of the reason why my mantra is that it’s never too late to do the right thing for people and companies,” Seth said.

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