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  • Engaging a new generation: Lead millennials into management [Podcast]

    Engaging a new generation: Lead millennials into management [Podcast] Podcast

    Watch the video podcast Engaging a New Generation. Today’s supervisors are increasingly facing the question of how to best develop savvy millennials who believe they’re prepared for leadership roles. It can be risky to throw talented but inexperienced employees into management too soon. Studies have shown half of first-time managers fail in their first year.

  • Talent Management: Start With A Strategic Workforce Plan

    You’ve likely heard the term workforce planning, but what makes a workforce plan strategic? If you’re looking to improve your talent pool and bring success to your company, a strategic workforce plan is critical in today’s global economy with ever increasing talent shortages.  Leaders with strategic workforce planning skills provide a competitive edge to their

  • Lemonade


    Unfortunately, record corporate profits have not translated to lowering our unacceptably high rate of unemployment. Here’s one explanation why: Despite the fact that there are more than 14 million people looking for work (and nearly 7 million who’ve been unemployed for six months or more) , many CEOs contend they can’t find qualified people to

  • Are You Using the Recession to Upgrade Your Team?

    Every recession provides a special opportunity to grab top talent that you might otherwise never have the chance to acquire. You might ask “What is so special about the recession that it represents a unique opportunity to acquire top talent?” I would answer with two benefit statements: 1. Most top talent will be open to

  • Business Heats Up, Employees Head Out

    The Wall Street Journal recently reported that, for the first time in 15 months, more workers quit than were fired or laid off. Over the last year and a half, the economic uncertainty has held most employees in their existing jobs. They didn’t feel confident to make a move no matter what the situation, creating a backlog of workers who feel they deserve a promotion, a raise or a better place to work. Now they’re out there looking for new jobs all at once.

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