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  • Increasing every team’s effectiveness [podcast]

    Increasing every team’s effectiveness [podcast] video

      Watch the video podcast Emergenetics: Increasing Every Team’s Effectiveness   Erin Peereboom is the Vistage Breakout Speaker of the Year for 2017. In this video podcast, Erin talks with Vistage speaker and member Dave Nelsen about how our individual personal traits help define us as big-picture thinkers or detail-driven achievers in the workplace. Erin unpacks

  • Leadership is the art of execution (video)

    Leadership is the art of execution (video) video

    Leadership: It takes more than just planning Every successful business owner knows from experience: The best-laid plans for the success of a business mean nothing without solid follow-through. The ability and willingness to execute plans make the difference between a promising business idea and a business that delivers on its promises. Vistage Chief Research Officer,

  • Creating a proactive customer experience  [video]

    Creating a proactive customer experience [video] video

      “One needs to aggressively solicit complaints to find out what problems to solve.” — John Goodman Look for problems before the customer finds them When it comes to the customer experience, it benefits CEOs to think proactively and uncover, announce, and solve problems before customers become agitated. And the reason is simple enough, says

  • Creativity & collaboration [video]

    Creativity & collaboration [video] video

    “We need to spend about an hour a day on our ingenuity.” –Artie Isaac Creativity takes time, intensity and intention As a CEO, key executive or business owner, you make hundreds of decisions. And that’s sometimes just in one day. If operating to its fullest potential, your team can be an invaluable resource in helping solve

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