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  • Creativity & collaboration [video]

    Creativity & collaboration [video] video

    “We need to spend about an hour a day on our ingenuity.” –Artie Isaac Creativity takes time, intensity and intention As a CEO, key executive or business owner, you make hundreds of decisions. And that’s sometimes just in one day. If operating to its fullest potential, your team can be an invaluable resource in helping solve

  • Let your brain take the road less traveled

    Let your brain take the road less traveled

    Do you often find yourself doing the same things over and over and wondering why you get the same results every time? Contrary to the popular adage “insanity is doing the same thing over and over again while expecting different results,” it doesn’t mean you’ve lost your marbles. In fact, you’re probably doing exactly what

  • Great leaders delegate, empower and trust

    Great leaders delegate, empower and trust

    If you want to destroy worker initiative, blast a hole in productivity, and scribble the bottom line with red ink, there’s no better way to do it than by micromanaging your employees. Keeping workers on tight leashes and constantly interrupting them ruins their ability to find thoughtful, profitable ways to do their jobs, and it

  • Creativity versus intelligence

    Creativity versus intelligence

    Returning from a workshop I recently led on how to increase employees’ creativity and structure ways to channel ideas into innovative products and processes, I began thinking about a comment I made – ‘intelligence is not a predictor of innovation; creativity is the key.’ Einstein claimed that imagination is more important than knowledge. Indeed, as a

  • Self-awareness: The key to executive success

    Self-awareness: The key to executive success on-demand webinar

      In a highly-competitive and sometimes overwhelming global business world, self-knowledge and self-awareness are the absolute key to success – and here’s why: those who are honest with and know themselves through and through, won’t ever be disingenuous or false with another. False appearances and dishonesty in one’s business approach are perhaps the number-one turnoff

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