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Vistage Member Wins Small Business Champion Award

Small Business Champion awards are made to individuals or organizations dedicated to supporting small businesses. SBA will make Small Business Champion awards on the district level (in multi-district states), the state level (from each of the 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands and Guam) and the national level. The National Small Business Champion awards are selected from the State winners.

Kari Warberg Block
Region VIII and North Dakota
2010 Women in Business Champion
Crane Creek Gardens
Stanley, North Dakota

Read her Vistage testimonial:

This year alone I have saved the company from entering a bad contract; I have learned how to conduct a tough conversation with a key employee without sweating and a dry mouth;

 I learned how to communicate with ‘STP’ from Presenter Michael Allosso: specificity, positivity and truth and it has made the world of difference in my life and in my job as a CEO;

Kari Warberg Block - Small Business Champion

 How to hire the very best people by interviewing them in the job, not for the job from our speaker Brad Remillard; I have learned how to ‘never waste a good crisis’ from the input and feedback at the issues portion of Vistage meetings;

 From one speaker I learned how to save a pile of $$ in research with simple ‘algorithm’ internet searches we now conduct ourselves;

 I learned from a top turnaround consultant, Jeff Vogelslang, what goes wrong in all failed companies – and it’s not what you’d think. I immediately implemented 2 of his simple suggestions so I will be able to make the tough decisions, if needed, in a timely fashion.

 I  gain about 300 years of collective insight, and experience at each meeting by members. who offers a “what I would do in your situation” opinion. That alone is extremely valuable and not found elsewhere.

 My assigned Vistage Mentor took time to point out weaknesses he saw in our marketing.  I addressed them and it has positively affected our growth rate and margins.

 My chair takes the time each month to hold me accountable to my goals, and provide the necessary resources to help them materialize. The book he has suggested have been practical and useful and very eye opening.  Albert Einstein says: “you can’t solve a problem with the same frame of mind from which it was created.” This is my analogy for what Vistage membership is about. It’s been a new way of looking at growth for me – from the inside out. It’s not easy, it takes commitment, discipline, and the humility to ask or be asked the tough questions. Further to this, our Vistage Chair provides a  ‘care-frontational ‘ environment (as he calls it) with each meeting to facilitate this process without wasting time on superficial issues.

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