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Rebooting from the Inside Out: How to Stay Engaged, Resilient and On Purpose

“Stop Over Thinking”. It’s easy to say but harder and harder to do, it seems. In today’s fast paced work environment at times its natural to err on the side of getting so in your head that you lose perspective, yet problem solving is a crucial skill that engages the mind to work through obstacles that stand between you and your goals. How do we then shift gears, disengage from the hyper-rational and oft times reactive mind, and tap into another consciousness to address issues in our life? The solution I found is to stop thinking and shift your bio-chemistry. Here’s a five-minute rebooting technique that engages your mental, physical and emotional intelligence. I suggest trying it twice a day to shift from mental anxiety, re-energize and get centered.

Step One: Commit – Place your attention on connecting your brain and body for the next 5 minutes and feel what it is feeling.

Step Two: Breathe -Take three slow deep full breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth. Relax and fill your belly on each inhalation, then release the breath and belly, as you exhale.

Step Three: Scan-Notice what is happening in your body.  Are you squinting or straining in any way?  Are your shoulders and neck crunched? Observe for 60 seconds and discover sensations, posture, tension etc.

Step Four: Declare -State to yourself what you notice. For instance,  “I am noticing that my breath is shallow and my fists are closed.” Or, “I am noticing how relaxed my belly and chest feel.”

Step Five: Act- Take an action that benefits you right now. For instance, if you notice that your shoulders are raised, relax them and let them drop. If you are hunched over your computer, sit back and lift your head up.

Step Six: Visualize -Breathe comfortably, in and out like a calm ocean. See a simple wave, form as you breathe in and out.

Step Seven: Center- Sit comfortably with your legs uncrossed, hands, arms and shoulders at ease, belly relaxed and eyes open.  Take one more conscious breath in and out, focus on an intention and go actualize it!

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