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Peter Ganahl: Celebrating 35 Years as a Vistage Member

Congratulations to Peter Ganahl, president and CEO of Ganahl Lumber Company, for his 35 years as a member of Vistage!

Peter is one of the building supply industry’s most interviewed, quoted and written-about leaders. With Peter at the helm, Ganahl Lumber Company has remained profitable independent of the economic climate. Still, Peter’s ability to lead his team has not been diminished by success. His commitment to continued learning as a means of fostering a service-based company culture is shared by his teammates, who continuously strive for improvement and positive change. Peter has been a Vistage member for 35 years, and his extraordinary service, evident throughout his entire business and how he conducts it, was recognized last year when he won a Member Leadership Award for Passion.

Ganahl was recently presented with an award honoring his 35 years of service by Vistage Chairman of the Board and CEO, Rafael Pastor. Says Pastor, “I am inspired by stories such as Peter’s – of our members who choose to remain so loyal to their Chairs, to their groups, and to Vistage. We are pleased that Vistage has had some impact on Peter’s success.

“The Chairs use the term ‘Green and Growing.’  Peter is a living example of someone who has been that way all their life,” says Peter’s Chair, Rich Knauss. “Even though Peter has been very successful, he has never just sat on what is working and has instead always looked for ways to improve, change or tweak.  He is always inquisitive, questioning himself and those he influences to think outside the box.  His success in a market that is dominated by ‘Big Box’ stores is a tribute to Peter’s ability to embrace and generate change.”

Peter’s passion and dedication is featured in the Vistage “Profiles of Leadership” video series. Watch the video here or read his story here.

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