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An Inside Look at Vistage Inside

About a year ago, as Vistage began the journey of implementing our strategy focused on Chair growth, building our brand and creating a regional structure, I recognized that we needed to pay very careful attention to the change management journey our leaders were embarking on. While the executive leadership team all participated or were joining Vistage groups, I wanted to ensure that the next level of managers and leaders were not traveling alone.

Vistage InsideIt probably isn’t surprising that Vistage Inside was quickly identified as the ideal solution for creating the environment of trust and alignment we needed in a rapidly changing landscape. What did surprise me, however, was how quickly and thoroughly it was embraced by the team. For over a year now these half day monthly meetings – Chaired by Patty Vogan – have given roughly 14 senior leaders an opportunity to process issues, see and appreciate their peers in a whole new light, and discover opportunities for collaboration.

Patty says, “It’s about personal AND professional growth; building an entirely new level of trust among fellow employees. This, in turn, inspires a level of communication that opens doors of possibility for everyone.” Patty said one other thing that really hit home with me. She said that the commitment of this group to the mission of Vistage is palpable, and it’s why everyone works so hard – not only to get the most out their monthly meeting, but also to take what they’ve gained and bring it back to their teams for the betterment of our entire community.

While the benefits to their personal and professional growth are clear, perhaps less obvious is the incredible return on investment that the Vistage organization receives. I see it in new initiatives and faster implementation of programs, more empathy amongst the peers ultimately leading to a stronger team dynamic. By the way, if you want one more piece of inside info – it helps to have a great Chair leading the group! Thanks, Patty!

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