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At 51, I’m finally engaged in two professional pursuits that inspire me on a daily basis.  First, my full-time position as VP, Public Affairs at Vistage International and, second, my work as an Adjunct Professor for Seton Hall University.   I don’t write this post as a commercial for either, nor is what I’m about to say particularly original.

It simply speaks to something I wish for everyone.   There’s nothing quite like participating in work that‘s purposeful, where you respect and engage with wonderful people, and where you’re constantly learning.    It’s how I would explain the perfect job(s) I guess.  For others it may be different, but whatever it is, I simply encourage you to find it.

This weekend, Seton Hall University welcomed its 30th Learning Team to its Master of Arts in Strategic Communication & Leadership program. Earlier today, the graduates from Learning Team 27 and their families not only savored the joy of their accomplishment, but also shared their hopes for the future – a future that I believe includes each of them pursuing their professional passion.

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Leo J. Bottary is an adjunct professor for two of Seton Hall University's graduate level programs in strategic communication and leadership.  Leo has enjoyed a 25-year career counseling leaders in the areas of strategic comm…

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