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Don’t Listen To Me!

If I recall correctly, I wrote a post on work-life balance during Fourth of July weekend and now I’m working on Labor Day. Suffice it to say, I’m the last guy you need to be taking advice from. I offer this in part because I received a wonderful compliment from someone I really respect – Lee Hopkins. A person whom I only know, and probably would have only come to know, through social media because he lives half a world away from me.  In a recent tweet, he noted that he was “VERY flattered” that I followed him. I thanked Lee, but reminded him that I’m the one doing the following – and for good reason.

Lee writes a blog called Better Communication Results and it’s as good as it gets when it comes to gaining real insights about effective communication.  So rather than continue writing (given it’s a holiday and all), I encourage you to visit Lee’s blog, where by now it’s already Tuesday, and be sure to add it to your favorites.   I realize I titled this blog, Don’t Listen To Me!, but I think you should make one exception because Lee Hopkins is someone worth listening to!  Happy Labor Day everyone!

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