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Congratulations Bob Fritz on Being Named the Ernst &Young Technology Entrepreneur of the Year

Vistage member Bob Fritz was named the 2010 Ernst & Young Technology Entrepreneur of The Year in Northeast Ohio.

Here’s an excerpt from the article about Bob on the Ernst & Young website:

Bob Fritz has brought many new ways of thinking to Avtron Aerospace Inc. as the CEO turned a compalcent family company into a high-techonolgy growth company, then sold it– along with Avtron LoadBank Inc. and Avtron Industrial Automation Inc.– to a private equipment firm in 2007.

The company started as a designer and manufaturer of aircraft text equipment but then began developing products for various industries. Initially, upon his arrival at Avtron, Fritz reorganized the sales department and strengthened product development.

Bob has been a Vistage member since October 2009 and is CEO of Avtron Aerospace, Inc. To read the full article, please go to the Cleveland Smart Business website: https://www.sbnonline.com/Local/Article/19973/82/0/New_thinking.aspx?Category=124

Congratulations Bob from all of us here at Vistage!

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