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3 Habits to Take Home from the Office this Mother’s Day

3 Habits to Take Home from the Office

As the CEO and “aka Captain of Fun” for an amazing team of 25 savvy marketers, UX designers and web developers by day, and a mom of two by night, I often find that what works at the office also works at home with my kids (ages 6 and 8). Below are three habits that are just as effective at home as in the office.

3 Habits to Take Home from the OfficeCheck In Regularly

I conduct weekly, one hour 1-1’s with my direct reports to stay updated on operations around the office, learn about things going on with their team, and provide time to talk about personal growth, career aspirations, and life outside the office. This also allows the space and time to chat about concerns that might be brewing, before they become an “issue.” At home, I check in with my kids at bedtime to hear about their day and allow for that special 1-1 time (they actually share so much more once I turn off the lights). We take turns each night. If we didn’t, there would always be an argument about who got to talk to Mom first, and it would lose it’s sentimental value… fast.

Get Out

It’s 75 degrees and sunny, and you long for the fresh air outside. So do your people. When the weather is nice, I’ll often suggest a walking 1-1. You can cover a lot of miles in an hour, which not only helps with my attempt at staying healthy, but it creates a more personal connection and allows for a more casual conversation. One of our core values is to have fun, so we create opportunities to find a little fun throughout the day. With my family, fun is just as important. We might grab our scooters, or rollerblade or just walk, so we are away from our screens and any distractions allowing for unstructured fun.

Celebrate Small Victories

Every win counts… from wrapping up that crazy long proposal to receiving a great client voicemail full of appreciation for all your hard work. Share widely, share often, and take the time to do your own “happy dance” to capture your moment of joy and reflect on your job well done. Company wide, we lead a monthly “You Rock” meeting to honor new hires, new projects and all the little things that helped contribute to our ongoing success that month. I dance with my team, and often for my kids, to help them celebrate their own milestones whether it’s finishing a chapter book or doing their best on their spelling test. Little victories add up and can make for a great day!

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