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Busyness is laziness [video podcast]

In this edition of the Vistage Podcast series, CEO, executive coach and speaker Jason Hartanov dispels the time management myth that ‘busy is better.’

Busy CEOs frequently fall victim to the myth that working harder is better. But paying attention to overall wellbeing involves carving out time for all kinds of pursuits — not just your work life. Resist the laziness of mindlessly working away with no thought to how to spend your time efficiently. Employ the discipline to cut down on ‘busyness’ and instead spend your time working better, not harder, in all areas of your life.

Are you a ‘human doing’ or a ‘human being?’

Many of us were given the belief from our parents or key influencers that “you have to work hard for success” or “if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself.”  We saw this modeled from a parent who did everything at work, around the house, and even on weekends.  Doing a lot and being productive was praised. That was my childhood.  The more I did, the more praise I received.  I learned my value was tied to getting things done and I became a human doing not a human being.  Does this sound familiar?

The key is a strategy I call “Winning the Day” and its focus is on planning your work more than actually working.  This time management strategy will lead to you being more productive in less time by clarifying the most important work, and then building a strategy to do just that.  The key is doing this on a daily basis.

Take six steps to win the day:

  1. Develop a morning routine to move your body, engage your intellect, and get your creative juices flowing BEFORE you do anything else (no email, no calls, no TV).
  2. Once you’re feeling engaged, review your monthly targets, weekly goals, and daily schedule and determine the top three critical tasks you must complete to win the day.
  3. Write down your three critical musts on a piece of paper or your whiteboard in a visible location to keep it top of mind.
  4. Block time in your calendar to complete your critical musts.
  5. Follow your calendar and make sure to complete your critical musts.
  6. Celebrate winning the day!

Conquer the critical ‘musts’

The Pareto Principle tells us that 80% of your results are from 20% of your activities.  The top three critical musts are in the 20%.  When you work smart and focus on the important but not urgent, you win the day.  Win several days and you win a week.  Win a few weeks and you win a month.  Win a few months and you win the year.  This is how you work smart for success.  But it takes a daily discipline to focus on your critical musts, not the urgent and unimportant.


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