Paging Alex Trebek … Is Your Sale in JEOPARDY?

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How often have you heard this one? “I know for sure I got the sale.”

How about this one? “They told me for sure I would get their business.”

“Hope is disastrous in sales,” says professional sales and communications consultant Chuck Bauer.

He’s talking about sales jeopardy — that moment after the pitch, after the presentation, but before a “yes” or “no” answer has been given. Call it the “maybe” stage. It happens every day, hundreds of thousands of times.

Worse, salespeople are notorious for nurturing this “maybe” with an unwarranted (and unprofitable) sense of hope.

Stop hoping and start acting: Chuck Bauer lays out some insider suggestions on how to get out of sales jeopardy, and turn that “maybe” into a “yes.”

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With more than twenty years in sales and communications-related fields, speaking and coaching, and following two vice president positions with two Dallas-based corporations, Chuck Bauer offers innovative and distinctive business insight to businesses globally. Visit his website at

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