Performance management: Communicating expectations and evaluations

Are You Attracting Looky Loos or Real Customers to Your Business?

Performance management starts on an employee’s first day.

A new employee gets a lot of attention when first joining the fold: orientation, onboarding, meetings, and probably even a welcome lunch. But how much attention does this employee receive throughout the entire arc of their career with this company? How much better, longer or more mutually satisfying could the employee’s tenure be if the communication between employer and employee was ongoing and targeted to set clear expectations, identify opportunities, and elicit the best possible performance?

For that matter, what about all that first-day attention? Is it enough? Is it the right kind? Does it set the employee up to perform well and consistently?  How about when things go wrong? How does an employer effect change in a weak performance? And what about keeping the strong performer challenged and motivated?

How employers communicate expectations and evaluations can mean the difference between excellence and mediocrity.

Download the e-book Performance management: Communicating expectations and evaluations. Vistage community experts explore best practices for how to set employees up to succeed, how to listen to criticism, how to bring about change, and get the best from your team members. 


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