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ROI-promising Benefits You Get from Mobile Marketing for Your Business

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Consumer behavior has changed across time with the emergence of gadgets like phablet, mobile phones, and the like. In order to reach and to engage the consumers, companies needed to invent new ways and strategies for their brands. To acquire new customers, to increase profit, and to grow revenue, our companies utilize mobile marketing tools and strategies to reach the audience. mobile marketingUntil then, mobile has really influenced our retail sales.

According to Strom and Vendel, mobile marketing increases perceived value for consumers and outcome value for retailers. It “delivers multiple perceived values to consumers (utilitarian, emotional/entertainment/hedonic, and social values), and relative benefits and values of mobile devices (enjoyable, timely and offered companionship) and marketing (efficiency, time and location convenience) compared to PC Internet.”

And listed below are some of the specific business values we derive from mobile marketing:

  1. Mobile Marketing for Your Business Lets You Achieve Higher Profit

Mobile marketing has an edge compared to desktop web marketing. Studies from the U.S. Mobile App Report by comScore also show that time spent on mobile phones is 60% compared to desktop usage which is just 40%. It’s becoming a trend in business and in the future because it simply adds up to your business value. How? We spend large amounts of time engaging with our mobile devices whether for browsing, shopping, or gaming reason and with the continuous creation and development of mobile devices and apps, studies show that this trend on mobile marketing will continue in the future, increasing the likelihood of our business to gain profit.

Mobile Marketing lets you achieve higher profit in your business. Google, for example, generates huge revenue from mobile ads. It’s their enhanced campaigns that enable advertisers to manage the locations and time, and even to bid on various devices.

  1. Mobile Marketing for Your Business Provide Enhanced Services to Customers that are Cost-effective

As mobile marketing use ads that are specifically targeted to local customers (local relevancy), it has reached higher response rates than ads targeted to a wider audience. This makes mobile marketing popular and also considered cost-effective among mobile users and customers. In fact, in 2011, an increased percentage of 711 clicks were reached on mobile advertising as a result on targeting specific, local audience.

  1. Mobile Marketing for Your Business Creates New Revenue and Increasing ROI

The Return On Investment is easier to track and easier to achieve using mobile marketing. We use several tools as metrics to track click-through rates, comments, and messages referring to our brand. This makes our business easier for getting a clear picture, and metrics to measure ROI. And with the fast changing behaviors of consumers, businesses could easily adapt to it with the use of these tools on mobile marketing. It helps our business lead the competition in the market and at the same time keeps us aware of what the customers really want to keep them satisfied and feel positive about the brand (product or service).

  1. Mobile Marketing for Your Business Gains Earned Media

When we installed various social media applications in our phone, it means we are certainly going to use it–whether for browsing various online shops or checking our social media networks. For instance, when we click on a mobile ad campaign, click ‘Like’ and share it on our Facebook page, there is an increasing likelihood for that campaign to go viral. Because if that specific campaign caught our attention and made us want to do something about it (click ‘Like’ or buy it), then there’s even more chance for other potential customers to do the same thing, and it will go on and on.

  1. Mobile Marketing for Your Business Adds Value to Your Products

Steve Farnsworth, chief marketing officer of the Steveology Group says, “2015 is when marketers start to grasp Flex-Media and its necessity to take advantage of content in your pocket.” Content goes everywhere we go–everywhere users go, with our mobile devices. According to Farnsworth, “As content consumption via mobile device swells, envisioning your content marketing assets from a mobile user’s perspective first is mandatory to win big.”

The creation of mobile web design drives traffic to our website because our business are enabled to join the local mobile search lists. Our mobile websites then, top customers’ searches and attracts more people to visit our website.

  1. Mobile Marketing for Your Business Provide Better Branding and User Experience

With better branding and enhanced user experience integrated into an easy-to-navigate website with impeccable mobile web design, potential customers are more likely to decide on buying a product or availing a service from our website. After getting a positive impression on our speedy, mobile-optimized websites, potential customers would usually want to do more and that is: to purchase.

A mobile-first strategy for a seamless customer journey is what we aim for our customers. This is because we want convenience, portability, and speed. We can easily purchase that bag or shoes that we want with just a few clicks and so, speed also plays an important role in our branding as it also affects customers’ behavior whether to buy a product or service or not.

Those businesses that haven’t considered mobile web design will do a lot of catching up. With the enhanced user experience integrated into an easy-to-navigate website with available mobile web design, potential customers are more likely to decide on buying from our shop after getting a positive impression on our mobile-optimized website.

  1. Mobile Marketing Puts Your Business Forward and Leads the

Mobile Marketing increases the chances of our businesses to lead the competition in the market. Almost 2% of business websites use mobile web design and this is an opportunity for businesses to take advantage in getting their websites mobile-optimized before other competitors do.

According to a 2011 study, the amount of time spent by Americans in socializing with their mobile phones is 2.7 hours/day. It’s double their time spent eating. More so, 75% of the globe’s population has a mobile phone, which serves as an enabler for marketers to connect and to engage with their customers in the right place, and the right time. Given these facts, we are encouraged to embrace and to cultivate this mobile marketing trend for our business win–to lead the competition.

  1. Mobile Marketing for Your Business Provides Convenience and Customer Satisfaction

An amazing feature of mobile phones is that it comes in handy. It’s portability and convenience is a breakthrough, so we can bring it anywhere we go. With this reality, mobile ads and integrated digital marketing messages also follow us wherever we go, reminding us that there’s a store nearby we could check out and visit, that there’s a promo or sale in this shop so we might as well drop by. Advanced mapping features of smartphones will also help us track the location of the nearest shop easily.

Mobile is an enabler for marketers and it makes shopping easier for consumers. Thus, mobile marketing has an enormous potential for our business to: achieve higher profit, provide care or enhanced, cost-effective services for customers, get increasing ROI, gain earned media and let your brand go viral, add value to your products and increase traffic to your shop, achieve better branding and user experience, lead the competition, and to allow customers to experience convenience and satisfaction.

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