The secret to marketing that actually produces sales

Think back to just twenty years ago. If you had a problem to solve, what would you do? You might have asked some friends or colleagues how they were solving similar issues. You might have picked up a magazine and tried to get some input. You maybe would have even paid attention to some of the advertisements in the magazine or newspaper (True – people used to notice ads). Business doesn’t work that way anymore. Today, you need to adapt to how customers educate themselves when considering buying decisions. Here is the secret to marketing that actually produces sales.

How You Seek Solutions Today

In my research, what I find is that most people search by typing a description of the problem they are trying to solve into a little rectangular box on their computer screen – that search engine thingy. From the search results, “People want to find the answer quickly, and easily. Most importantly, they seek unbiased information,” says Marcus Sheridan of

I had the good fortune of interviewing Marcus on the Grow My Revenue Business Cast recently. Marcus is considered one of the leading authorities on a concept referred to as inbound content marketing. Many people have other definitions. However, Marcus has a tremendous track record for delivering results with his clients using his definition. The goal of inbound content marketing according to Sheridan is: “Become the best and most helpful teacher in the world at what you do.”

Listen to this episode and discover:

  • What content your organization should create to build trust with your ideal clients.
  • The 5 subjects you should write about to be seen as an expert in your space.
  • How to write content about your products or services that sounds unbiased.
  • What customers really care about when they visit your corporate website.
  • What is the real purpose of your company’s homepage? (here’s a hint, most company’s get this wrong)
  • How to create a culture that tightly aligns the sales and marketing teams to drive business growth.
  • And so much more…

The Interview is also available on iTunes and Stitcher.

“Content marketing is your company’s ability to be the best and most helpful teacher in the world about what you do”
– Marcus Sheridan

Marcus Sheridan, a Vistage Speaker, is recognized around the world as the foremost authority on content marketing. Marcus founded The Sales Lion and has since grown the brand to be synonymous with inbound and content marketing excellence while being featured in multiple industry publications, including the New York Times where he was referred to as a “web marketing guru.” Marcus is one of the most sought after speakers on how you attract the right clients to grow your business.


Here are resources mentioned during the Interview:

  • Mad Marketing Podcast: Marcus has a unique podcasting style. He rarely, if ever, interviews other people. Essentially, he takes your questions and answers them, in his most honest and transparent voice possible. And, if something is on his mind, he talks about it. You find his podcast on iTunes or listen to it on
  • The Hubcast Podcast: If you’re looking for the latest and greatest HubSpot news, tips, tricks, etc.– then this Hubcast is perfect for you.  You can find the podcast on iTunes or listen to it on

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