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How to deliberately drive value in your business

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Date: 25 October 2023

Time: 12pm – 13:30pm 

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What ultimately decides what your business is worth?

The answer is whoever is going to buy it. So, even if you’re not considering a business sale right now, it makes sense to shape your company around the characteristics buyers and investors value the most.

In this informative session, corporate finance specialist BCMS will examine the multiple factors that impact on shareholder value, and help you to think, plan and act like your ultimate buyer.

With reference to real-life transactions, we’ll debunk valuation misconceptions, explaining how buyers really assess the strategic value in your company. With many entrepreneurs working ‘in’ rather than ‘on’ their businesses, we’ll highlight the common errors shareholders make during the business lifecycle, and offer tips on what you can do now in terms of driving value, from tweaking your business model, reporting the information that buyers are really interested in, to peer benchmarking, and eliminating commercial risk.

Value to member

  • Live market-led insights from a corporate finance team with extensive cross-sector experience.

Why attend?

  • Attend if you want to understand how buyers will perceive value in your business, and what you can do to improve that perception


  • Increased knowledge of the key areas to focus on if you want to maximise the value of your business

Keynote Speaker: Jonathan Dunn

Jonathan Dunn, CEO of employee-owned specialist advisor BCMS, has 30+ years’ experience in the UK and international Mergers & Acquisitions market. He joined BCMS in 2010 and founded the Corporate Finance team to focus on larger and more complex transactions, and his track record at BCMS includes our largest deal to date, the $485m sale of Allworld Exhibitions to UBM plc. Jonathan was appointed CEO in 2018, and led BCMS’s transition to employee ownership in 2022.

Prior to BCMS, Jonathan was a director in the Corporate Finance team of Ernst & Young in the UK. Here he led the firm’s M&A focus on telecoms and media-sector transactions, leading disposals for major clients such as Nortel Networks (including the $975 million sale of Nortel Networks Enterprise Division to Avaya Inc) and the BBC, where transactions included the £150 million sale of BBC Technology to Siemens.

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