6 Signs Why You Should Step Back From Your Current Blog Structure

Beyond doubt, blogs are the brand’s moving narratives. They are the sustainable fuel that produces useful vigor for your brand automobile become in motion. Blogs are one of the most efficient means to connect and engage with your vertical audiences especially when digital prism is concerned. It is where your brand stories are interweaved. Blog is indeed understated paraphernalia that unites your brand to your target market’s sentiments.

blog structureWith the fast-moving online era, blogs structure has also altered impressively. Blogging has become one of the most popular gears used to market company, organization, a brand or even individuals. In fact, according to research, small businesses with blogs generate 126% more leads. The implication of this made start-up businesses up to established brands shift to blogging scheme straight away. Businesses are not the only ones who formulated alterations because in reality, 70 percent of consumers recognize a brand through articles and a sounding 61 percent of U.S. consumers as of this very moment have purchased products and services based only on blog posts. Imagine how powerful every word you put in your blog. It can converse and converts consumers.

But the struggle of creating compelling blog is common with this competitive and growing online population. Maybe you’ve created the brand’s blog already, you posted some stuff about your brand, you posted updates, some related self-proclaimed catchy topics, and yet still, your blog doesn’t help you convert human into currency. Familiar tale, isn’t it? Maybe it’s the perfect point in time to re-evaluate and reconstruct your current blog structure. Here are some imperative signs if you still can’t decide whether you’ll take a blog leap or not.

Mainstream Blog Format

Believe it or not, you’re competing to over millions of brand’s blogs out there and for you to successfully split the line that separates your blog to others is to become exceptional in any way. You don’t need to massively transform your blog into something new that your target audiences will not likely to esteem. Instead, play around with bold letters, italics, insertion of important sentences, context, images, and other elements to help keep the reader’s attention. Design and formatting is important; they engage readers and site visitors. Readers prefer an established and friendly format that will aid them easily to find what they wanted to look into. Make your brand’s blog stand out from the blogosphere by including winning social media sharing buttons and reader’s feedback scheme. Frequency of posting is also part of the blog format you should consider.

Tapping New Audiences

Blogging is the spinal column to communicate and acquire consumers. Ahead of the value blogging gives your potential audiences, it also allows you to get to know your customers and engage with them through narratives. If your current blog structure has already been reaching out to your consumers through this platform, maybe it’s time for you to upgrade and start reaching out to the untapped market. Setting your new blog to a wider online community will make you and your brand increase online visibility and from time to time will lead to increment in ROI (Return on Investment) and ROE (Return on Engagement).

Dearth of Blog Variation

Storytelling is what people of all ages and nature love to be involved with. We can say that the modern content marketers have been practicing the art and science of storytelling through their marketing efforts. But stories are not just what people believe and stay into because they also want variations of stories – of plots. People love to turn their heads from a certain topic to another. They bleed variations and as a marketer, you need to deal with it.

You don’t have to post one static topic for you brand blog, you can be playful hinging those brand ideas into another interesting ideas that will suit your audiences. You need to vary your posts and pieces from informative, product-driven article up to some trendy, consumer-friendly pieces of narratives. You can turn your blog into an audio, or maybe a video if you’re presenting a blog presentation. Infographic is also one creative way to communicate what your brand message is. Remember, more and more people are becoming visual in perspective. When creating content, you can practice the mix and match type of content. One of your blog posts could be the Did-you-know articles, or may be a compilation of “best” write up. You can also create a quiz-type blog post to spice the readers’ mood. There are a bunch of categories you can use, just make sure that you can hinge them relevantly to your industry and brand aesthetics.

Developing an editorial calendar will help you to balance what type and what kind of content post-ups you will do in specific period of time. Segment them accordingly in such a way that audiences will benefit from it.

Becoming Brand Robot

One thing that makes a brand blog be on the bereavement stage to their readers is when they find the totality of the blog a robot talking to a human asking them to buy and purchase their product devotedly. Businesses and brands tend to be like this. They are inclined to posting business and product-oriented posts (mostly) not thinking that blog is for their brand patrons, not merely for them. Target market should always be on the behind-the-scene of every content post and every piece should educate them, inform and converse to them in a responsive manner. You need to design and construct your brand’s blog structure not for your brand alone but for what and who the brand is. It should always be a blend of reinforcing brand message and being consumer/reader-centric blog scheme.

Make your blog a human talking to another human.

Jurassic List of Narratives

This needs no further explanation. Even if you have the best and most ingenious post already in your blog, you need to update them. Every blog post should be well-timed. Your blog should always stay ahead of the vertical curve. You need to stay on top of the competitors and even to the trends and industry for you to become a more credible and compelling brand. Update your products-related blog write-up, post some recent brand events, and add a fresh take on each content you’ll post. By doing these, consumers will see your brand as a reliable source for information – a leader and not a pathetic follower.

More Findable Blog Content

You need to reconstruct your current blog structure because you want to become a more findable brand blog. You want to increase more traffic and you crave more content consumption. How to do it? Get optimized. Integrate your 360° brand into each content you’ll produce. Tap some elements like colors, voice, text presentation, sounds, language, and visual presentations. Focus with basic keyword phrase and add appropriate search-friendly text. You can also link them to the internal and external content in your blog.

Blogs are the consumer’s hidden doors to a brand. Make them effective by re-transforming them into a structure that all the elements – vertical markets and your brand – will benefit. It’s not as easy as stating all of these, but if these signs above punch your marketing face, then, get straight and take this as a key to a better, successful blog path.

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