• The Importance of integration in acquisitions

    In today’s market, properly executed acquisitions can deliver great value and excess returns on investment. Many CEOS opt to acquire other businesses to achieve cost advantages, grow revenues rapidly, or to acquire a set of skills or technology strategic to the growth of their companies. However, if not thoroughly planned for, an acquisition can have

  • How to Approach Debt and Equity Financing

    How to Approach Debt and Equity Financing

    Description In this podcast, David Pritchard of Equity Capital Markets, provides strategies for approaching debt and equity financing with your business in mind. You will learn: The flexibility of the various types of capital and financing The types of financial instruments that can be used to overcome limitations of fixed costs How think about the

  • Asset Protection Planning

    Asset Protection Planning

    Description A distinguished asset protection advocate, Harry M. Barth will share timely, in-depth information on how to protect your assets. You will learn: The definition of asset protection planning How to protect yourself legally when you have a high net worth Consequences of avoiding asset protection planning Why asset protection provides a firewall for your

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