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Here you will find insight on marketing your business and how changes today affect what you can do tomorrow. Our specially selected bloggers deliver actionable information on our sales and marketing blog articles, helping you continue improving and growing, while consistently making the decisions that allow you to easily do more with less. These marketing articles differentiate themselves from our sales articles, identifying the advertising and public relations programs associated with business marketing in relation to the interpersonal aspects of selling. All of our sales and marketing articles dig deeply into the strategies for making your marketing and sales teams stronger.

  • Values alone are not enough [webinar]

    Values alone are not enough [webinar] Webinar-on-Demand

     Watch the webinar “Is your Mission Statement Dying on the Wall?” You and your colleagues worked hard to define your company’s mission statement and values—and now they’re posted on your walls and proudly shared by all. But can you measure how well your company is living those values? Are your values helping to hold people

  • Why mission statements matter

    Why mission statements matter

    The day-to-day stresses of leading a company can consume most waking hours. As a leader, how do you determine where to place your energy when there are multiple demands competing for your time and attention? And in the midst of making continual decisions, how can you manage the legacy you are leaving? Writing a mission

  • Marketing’s changing role

    Marketing’s changing role

    Just when you thought you knew what marketing was all about, everything is changing! In the beginning there was “little m” marketing: which means the production of brochures and adverts, the attendance of trade shows and all it entails, creating websites, and implementing online marketing automation tools. “Little m” marketing is all of the execution

  • 4 things B2B CEOs should know about e-commerce

    4 things B2B CEOs should know about e-commerce Webinar-on-Demand

      Watch the webinar: Retail Tactics for B2B eCommerce Success   In my experience, e-commerce is still a bit of mystery to some B2B CEOs. They understand that it is important to their business growth, but may not know how to decode eCommerce jargon to determine what can and should be done to maximize the opportunity.

  • What B2B e-commerce can learn from consumer retail

    What B2B e-commerce can learn from consumer retail

    The world of consumer retail is in the midst of rapid transformation. Traffic in brick-and-mortar stores is decreasing. Consumers are moving away from shopping malls. Traditional advertising—whether via direct mail, TV ads or newspaper and magazine ads—is losing its relevance. Meanwhile, e-commerce is on the rise. In 2010, e-commerce accounted for more than 4 percent of

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