As CEOs, executives and business owners, you are responsible for the direction of your entire organization. Leadership blogs and business articles on leadership can help you choose a direction or redirect your current path, when leadership proves challenging. To help you become a more effective executive leader who makes better decisions, who either quickly or steadily achieves better results, our business leadership articles and leadership development articles will help you develop into an informed and inspiring influencer. Managing the various responsibilities that come with being a strong leader becomes simpler when you dive into our extensive executive leadership articles and business leadership blogs.

  • Executive coaching: How to get it right

    Executive coaching: How to get it right

    Nearly two out of three CEOs do not receive outside leadership advice, though nearly all of them want it.  That’s the headline of a study onducted by the Center for Leadership Development and Research at the Stanford Graduate School of Business.  The study also found that: Nearly half of all senior executives are receiving external

  • The three essential elements of making better decisions

    The three essential elements of making better decisions

     How do some of the world’s most influential CEOs make decisions? It varies. Jeff Bezos analyzes decisions from the point of view of his future self.  WPP’s Sir Martin Sorrell prefers to gather insights from a diverse group of people and create a “balance sheet” before making a decision. Meanwhile, veteran CEO Lars Rebien Sørenson

  • Teaching your employees to ‘own it’ [video]

    Teaching your employees to ‘own it’ [video] video

    “I gotta do this. Not for my boss. For me.” — John Costigan Show your employees how to invest in themselves One of the biggest challenges CEOs face is instilling the employee motivation to passionately work toward and believe in a company’s success. And with good reason. After all, you’re the CEO whose vision and enthusiasm

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