• Sourcing my Breakfast in China

    Sourcing my Breakfast in China

    Instead of talking strictly about sourcing products and services in China, lets talk breakfast. I usually make 4-5 sourcing trips to China each year that can last 2-4 weeks each, depending on the nature of that particular trip.

  • China Sourcing – Are You Setting Sail?

    China Sourcing – Are You Setting Sail?

    I try to never miss my monthly Vistage™ 812 CEO group meeting. We learn so much that I can implement in my China sourcing business and it provides me food for thought. Our chair Robin Stanaland always creates a poster with an inspirational quote that captures that month’s meeting. Here is this month’s quote: “A ship in port is safe, but that is not what ships are built for. Sail out to sea and do new things.” – Admiral Grace Hopper

  • Demystifying Printing in China

    Demystifying Printing in China

    I received and email from a buddy of mine, Gary Murphy, ( about printing in China. Gary also frequently sources from China for his clientele and uses Avela (my sourcing company) in China as a back end service for his China sourcing efforts. Anyway one of his clients told him that he heard that printing in China was “Hot” and Gary wanted to know what I thought about that. I thought my reply was detailed enough that I would turn it into my next blog. I think this might be of interest for those of you involved in printing in the US. Here is what I said:

  • Are You a Tourist Or a Traveler?

    Are You a Tourist Or a Traveler?

    I do a lot of traveling back and forth from Houston to Shanghai as part of my job as CEO of Avela Corporation. My trips involve traveling with clients to do final negotiation on sourcing deals that the Shanghai office has spent weeks and months setting up. Our travels take us to all parts of China, from futuristic mega-cities like Shanghai to tiny towns where you can find people living at a much slower pace, as it was fifty to one hundred years ago.

  • Feet on the Ground in China

    Feet on the Ground in China

    I believe that there are a few basic principles that are essential to having success sourcing in China. They are showing up, having patience and having feet on the ground. Actually there are a few more that are just as important as these three staples, but let’s save them for another time. I want to

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