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What will be the hot tech gift this holiday season?

SlingBox LogoAfter a somewhat encouraging Black Friday and ensuing holiday shopping weekend (up 6% over 2009) today is Cyber Monday and many feel this may be the biggest shopping day next to the last Saturday before Christmas (that’s December 18th this year in case you are planning that last minute experience).

It seems likely that tech gifts will lead the charge this season.    As a result of the recession in the U.S., the consensus is that U.S. consumers have changed their buying habits forever.   Consumers seem emboldened enough to spend more this holiday season than last.

What are the hot gifts?  iPads maybe?  If you have several hundred dollars to spend (and are willing to saddle the recipient with a $ 40/month for web access) that could be a way to go.   The Android tablet is almost ready to be released but not in time for the holiday season – I’ve heard good things about it so watch out for that.

How about a HDTV?   Prices on those have plummeted and 32 inch HDTVs can be had for under $ 300.  Are you familiar with Slingbox? This cool item allows you to access TV shows from your home or office remotely.    There’s an HD version as well as a non-HD version. For less than $ 200, you get an easy to use sleek device that allows you to access any content you would receive at home on any laptop, iPad or remote computer.   I haven’t tried Slingbox yet but I am guessing it is feasible to hook up your laptop to a hotel TV and then stream movies onto the hotel TV and not have to pay $ 14.99 to the hotel to watch a first run movie.

Slingbox also makes a product that enables you to watch content on your ‘compatible’ mobile phone.   I’m not one to watch movies or even television shows on my smartphone but I know that watching video content on Smartphones is an increasingly popular thing to do.

A Netflix streaming subscription is also a nice gift – at $ 8.00 per month you can buy a whole year of movies and television shows for under $ 100.

There are many cooler tech gifts on the market this holiday season – got any good ones you would care to share?

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