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Google Responds to Japan Disasters With What It Does Best

When disaster strikes there are certain organizations who are uniquely positioned to do more than just watch. Military units from around the globe can step in and provide logistical support. Charities can mobilize supplies and workers to help bring order out of chaos. The media can spread information as it comes in.

But who can help connect people with real time information, news, videos and maps that enable families and loved ones to find critical bits of information when all hope seems lost? Apparently, Google.

Google has released a web page dedicated to the 2011 Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami that helps bring all that data together. It isn’t new technology, there are no bells and whistles, and there isn’t money to be made here. This is simply Google putting resources toward something that could mean the world to, for example, a Japanese businessman on vacation today and away from home. He woke up to news that his home could have been destroyed this morning; a little information could be life altering right now for him and countless others.

You won’t find  a lesson in business here, other than maybe a little positive PR, but you will find a lesson in humanity. When you have the chance to make even a small difference like this as an organization I say you take it. Think about the impact you could have with even a small gesture. Bravo to Google.

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