Talent Obsession- The Key to Great Leadership

Talent Obsession- The Key to Great Leadership

The realization that motivated employees to drive business success is what separates good leaders and their companies from great ones. But when it comes to implementation of this understanding, it’s easier said than done.

Talent Obsession- The Key to Great LeadershipIt’s one thing to want great talent, but what does it mean to truly devote yourself to finding and retaining top-level talent? The first step is to get your employees engaged.


Quantum Workforce’s 2013 Employment Engagement Trends Report found that those organizations with increased retention had significantly higher levels of engagement, over 8% higher. In addition, companies with higher employee engagement reported higher profit levels.

Engaged employees want to be present, and want to work hard – and it’s from that foundation that other progress will flow. Simply put, engaged employees are more productive employees. They’re also more profitable, more customer-oriented, more safety conscious and more loyal to the organization. To really succeed, this commitment can’t be mere lip service either – it has to be a fundamental piece of how you do business.


Employee engagement is the emotional commitment that an employee has to the company, its goals and its mission. The supporting strategy that increases employee engagement encompasses a multitude of tools and techniques. Make sure this strategy becomes an integral component of your way of doing business by creating an employer of choice company.

To make it a sincere process, you need to go beyond recognizing the need for employee engagement. It requires a perpetual focus on tailoring your behaviors and systems to ensure your organization is in a constant process of evaluation and improvement.


It’s one thing to commit to getting your employees engaged in a moment of inspiration, but quite another to keep that level of commitment going when other demands start to encroach on your time. Here are 3 tips to help make employee engagement an ongoing priority:

Focus on outcomes: Make sure you’ve got procedures in place to rigorously measure success at every level of the organization so that every person knows where they stand.

Communicate: You can have the best employee engagement programs in the world, but if your employees don’t know about them, what’s the use? Communicate with your employees to reinforce you company’s values and goals and how they play into individual success.

Development: Competition for the best talent is fierce. Part of managing your organization’s growth is making sure you’ve got the support structure in place to find and develop talent. Make it a priority to identify future stars, and provide them with everything they need to shine.

By recognizing the value of a healthy talent obsession– and learning how to work that attitude into your daily leadership strategies- you’ll be able to build a team of talented high-performers that will offer you the best chance to be successful into the future.

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