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The Tiberias Success Formula: How to Supercharge Your Business and Yourself

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What would you like to change or improve the most within your organization? Change takes focus, commitment, a positive attitude, and so much more. In this Fridays With Vistage webinar, Boaz Rauchwerger taught specific techniques for supercharging yourself and your business, based on his book, The Tiberias Transformation—How to Change Your Life in Less than 8 Minutes a Day. Boaz is a Vistage Speaker of the Year, founder and president of Boaz Power Corp., and has conducted thousands of seminars internationally on goal setting and high achievement.

Supercharge your businessHe started by affirming that attitude is everything. Creating a positive attitude is not part of the equation, but all of it, and it’s one of the most important things you can do to take a huge leap forward in your business.

Tips for Attitude Adjustment:

  1. State positive daily affirmations first thing in the morning and last thing at night.
  2. Read positive, uplifting books. Reinforcement of positive messages programs the mind for success.
  3. Be careful who spend time with. Tell yourself, “I’d rather be part of the building crew than the wrecking crew.” Are you spending time with people who are constantly criticizing you and trying to tear you down?
  4. Exercise Regularly. Reduce stress and increase creativity.
  5. Have some fun! Spend quality fun time with family, friends, and co-workers. Get an alarm clock that goes off when it’s 5 or 6 p.m. on your desk. You’ll be more efficient in the last few hours of the day.

Once your attitude is in the right place, you can start to outline some goals.

Priorities of Goal Setting:

  1. Develop a burning desire for an important personal “why.” If the “why” is important enough, the “how” doesn’t matter.
  2. Build belief by stating positive affirmations. You don’t have to believe them, you just have to say them. (Also remember, if you’re not stating a positive affirmation, you’re stating a negative one. “Oh this will never work out” is an affirmation, but in the wrong direction. Try saying, “Everything I touch prospers and succeeds.”)
  3. Make a commitment.
  4. Set the goal.
  5. Take action.

Now that you know how to set a goal, take the time to set personal and company goals for the next five years, the next twelve months, and the next thirty days. Then, set goals for personal development.

With regard to the next five years, write down:

  1. What do I want to be doing?
  2. My family situation.
  3. My income level/net worth.
  4. The type of home(s) I want and where.
  5. My physical condition.
  6. My charitable work/contributions.
  7. My travel destinations.
  8. What vehicles/toys do I want?

Take those five-year goals and divide them by five. Write down the portions you will need to accomplish during the next twelve months to stay on track to succeed in five years.

Take your twelve-month goals and divide them twelve. Write down the portions you will need to accomplish in one month in order to stay on track.

Define your personal development goals. These are the habits, attitudes, and traits you want to improve, so that you can achieve your business goals. Pick one item from the following list and see what you can improve upon:

  1. To have more confidence.
  2. To become a better husband/wife.
  3. To improve my people skills.
  4. To eat healthy and exercise regularly.
  5. To be more calm, peaceful, or patient.
  6. To be more organized.
  7. To become more spiritual.
  8. To be more outgoing.

Finally, affirm your company goals for the next year. Make sure you adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. Don’t set inconceivable goals. Say to yourself, “What I see is what I’ll get.” If you don’t see a goal, you’re not going to get it. It’s better to surpass a goal than to not quite reach it.
  2. Be realistic, especially in this economy.
  3. Let people win regularly. If people are constantly losing, or just falling short, you will eventually lose them.
  4. Set a manageable number of goals. Have only three or four at a time—no more.
  5. Clearly define your goals.
  6. Study details and provide support.
  7. Make sure all departments are aligned. Make sure communication is working.
  8. Measure regularly—weekly. What do we need to do to keep going?
  9. Reward, reward, reward!

Boaz closed his talk with a reminder that attitude is everything. Whichever way you see anything, you’re right! To learn more about Boaz’s Tiberias Success Formula, please visit, or email him at

The Fridays with Vistage webinar series provides members with timely and compelling business information they can immediately apply to their businesses. From strategic planning to employee engagement, these hour-long webinar feature the best thought leaders in the business world today.

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