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Got Video? Start the Shooting, or Lose the War …

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If you’re in business today, you have to be engaged in social media.

After all, more than 62 percent of all consumers aged 25 to 54 interact with social media on a daily basis. Is that a market you’re willing to leave behind?

And here’s another aspect to consider: We all know that Google is the world’s largest search engine. But you may be a bit surprised to know what website holds the second position: YouTube, the world’s largest online video-sharing site.

Big companies are driving massive amounts of video to YouTube for that very reason. So, it’s very important that today’s companies, big or small, have social media strategies to stay competitive. And they must ensure that YouTube is incorporated into those strategies.

Sales coach Chuck Bauer runs down the top four social media outlets you need to engage with to succeed in today’s marketplace:

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With more than twenty years in sales and communications-related fields, speaking and coaching, and following two vice president positions with two Dallas-based corporations, Chuck Bauer offers innovative and distinctive business insight to businesses globally. Visit his website at

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