Sparking a Revolution for Improvement: Sharon Ryan of Dasher Inc. [Podcast]

It shouldn’t take more than a couple of clicks for an outsider to get a clear sense of what your business is about, according to Sharon Ryan, president and owner of Dasher, an information services company specializing in Medicaid.

revolution for improvementMaking her business easy to understand was one of the first of things Sharon did when she bought Dasher in 2009. Today, the business under Sharon’s leadership has several locations in the Pennsylvania area and operates under the clear mission of “helping people lead happy, healthy lives.”

Around the time Sharon bought Dasher, she also joined Vistage, where she met various mentors who have always gave her business advice she considers foundational to her business growth.

“My business would not be anywhere near where it is today without Vistage, and that is not a hyperbole,” she said. “Having the opportunity to share and discuss issues with groups sparked a revolution of improvement than I could have ever done by myself.”

The core of Sharon’s business revolved around the idea that everybody is equal and should be heard and listened to. There are three pillars that have supported her mission, and all three are what Sharon considers to be best business advice she’s ever received.

  1. Be Persistent

Because of her Vistage membership, Sharon said she was used to getting business advice on a frequent basis. But of among all the suggestions she got, she found that being persistent in pursuing the business opportunities that matter has been one of her central themes.

  1. Be Focused

As the CEO of your company, you may find your surroundings to be teeming with opportunities. According to Sharon, with so many things whirling around you it can be challenging to focus on getting things done that only you can do.

But being disciplined to be focused pays off in the end, Sharon said. It helps your company stay true to what you are working on now to avoid spreading yourself out too thin.

  1. Find a way to serve a lot of people

It’s best practice to refrain from jumping onto every business opportunity that comes your way, according to Sharon. The key to finding business opportunities that work best for you is to identify whether each business opportunity at hand serves a wide range of people.

“If you find a way to serve a lot of people for each business opportunity you want to take on, then you’re going to be very successful,” she said.

Being a CEO and following these pieces of advice are actually much easier said than done, Sharon said. But being a Vistage member has helped her stay true to her mantras with her network of peer mentors.

Find out more about Dasher, Inc here.

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