Play To Your Strengths

If you have time to read Tom Rath’s book StrengthsFinder 2.0 and take the Strengths Assessment, I highly recommend it. Small book, big impact! It essentially provides readers with a means to discover and focus on their assets rather than their liabilities. Rath correctly asserts that we’re a society obsessed with identifying and improving weaknesses when we should be building on our strengths.  He regards focusing on our weaknesses as “taking the path of most resistance.”

Once you’ve done that, take 20 minutes to watch (or rewatch) Sir Ken Robinson’s TED talk from 2006 and pay particular attention to the story Robinson tells about ” the dancer.”

Now if you read Rath’s book, take the assessment, and watch the video, then you’ll likely walk away with two invaluable lessons that will help you improve as a leader, enhance your company’s performance, and strengthen your relationships with employees.   First, understand what you’re good at and build upon your strengths.  Second, take time to explore and discover the hidden talents and strengths of your people.  Get to know them at an all new level and find out how you can play to their strengths in a manner that will benefit them and best serve your organization.

Imagine working at a place where your leaders really care about getting to know you and who see you for the best you bring to work each and every day.  Not just in terms of what you offer to your specific job, but with regard for how you can contribute to the larger purpose of your organization.

Sounds like a strong play for all involved.

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