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Leading with 2020 Vision

leading with 20/20 vision

2015 marked the second year of Vistage Executive Summits, featuring an exciting array of speakers who provided insights and tools for forging a path for the future.  With the theme “Leading with 2020 vision,” we developed programs that helped our members and their guests think differently, so they can grow, innovate and ultimately prosper in this fast-changing global economy by the year 2020.

leading with 20/20 visionAs “summit season” winds to a close, we still have some exciting presentations coming in the weeks ahead.   For example, in Minneapolis/St/Paul on September 29, Kevin Viner, who holds a degree in mathematics from UC Irvine and is an award winning performer, will present a fast-paced look at how our perceptions can deceive us, how our mind is more malleable than we believe, and how things are not always as they seem.  On October 6, in LA, Robert Stephens, who started The Geek Squad back in 1994 with only $200 and a bicycle, will share lessons in starting a business, building employee culture and distinguishing your brand. On October 27, in Brooklyn, NY, Alan Mulally will share his leadership journey with Boeing and Ford, focusing on the importance of a compelling vision, a comprehensive strategy, and a relentless implementation plan in order to deliver results. And on November 4, in Boston, Will Novy, founder of Quicksilver Foundry in 2002, will give you the framework, insights and tools to help you and your team align behind a focused mission.  Novy will show you how to implement a high-bar strategy, take on the role of an “Ambassador of Clarity,” and create organizational values and weapons-grade branding.

So whether you’re on the east coast, west coast, or somewhere in between, there’s still time to experience what “leading with 2020 vision” is all about.   I look forward to seeing you!  Finally, a big thanks to our Chairs, our Vistage events team, and our entire staff for everything you have all contributed to making this year’s event series such a uniquely Vistage experience.

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