It’s Important to be Self-Reflective

In business and in life it’s very important to know who you truly are  before you attempt anything dramatic.  There are so many messages out  there telling us who we ought to be that we sometimes get caught up in a  web of self-deceit because that’s what we think we should be doing.   There are seven key questions you should ask yourself before making any  critical decisions:

1) What is your risk profile – how much risk/uncertainty can you comfortably take without losing too much sleep?

2) What impact does stress have on you and how much can you reasonably manage without adverse physical consequences?

3) What truly motivates you – what will get you up in the morning and keep you going even when it is not always easy to do so?

4) What are your non-negotiable core values – where do you draw the lines on personal and professional behavior?

5) Where do you add the most value in any given situation – what are your particular strengths?

6) What is your preferred work style – in what environments/situations do you work best and when do you struggle?

7) What is the personal legacy you want to leave and how will this decision/action advance this agenda?

If you carefully think through these questions before making any  major life/business decisions then chances are you will achieve better  outcomes.  The goal is to put yourself in situations that are synch with who you truly are as a person as often as possible.   It is equally  important to avoid wishful and/or errant thinking about what is probable  given this same information.

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Ed Robinson is the President and Founder of Capacity Building Solutions Inc. (www.capacity-building.com), a consulting firm he started in June 2002 to foc

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