A Day to Celebrate Middle Market CEOs

The middle market employs close to 50 million Americans, boasts a growth rate double that of the S&P, and is focused on expanding, innovating, and hiring.  But while the middle market encompasses a tremendous range of critical businesses, in every industry and every corner of the U.S., the middle market as a category often flies under-the-radar — unbeknownst to the average consumer, overlooked by policymakers, and uncovered by the media.

Middle Market CEOsOur partner, Axial, is putting an end to that. They created a day to be celebrated and be recognized: Middle Market Monday. Middle Market Monday, which will in its inaugural year be celebrated on January 26, is focused on shedding light on what it will take to help the CEOs of middle market businesses succeed in 2015 and beyond. The goal of the day is to raise the collective voice of these companies, unearthing the very real concerns they face as they strive to achieve their ambitious goals.

In order to make this day successful, Axial needs to hear from you. Before January 26, they’re asking all business owners in the middle market to share their perspective and help illuminate what their companies need to succeed. On January 26, they’ll launch an interactive gallery of all of the responses. By gathering the perspectives of many, we are hoping to focus the lens more clearly on what can be done together to help the middle market continue to grow. If you are a middle market business or know a middle market business, join the conversation! It takes just five minutes, so share your perspective and help make the middle market heard!

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