Core Values at Duemelands Commercial Real Estate

Core Values

Over the next several months, I’ll be sharing stories from Vistage members about how their peer groups helped them succeed in the hope you will share your stories with me here on Executive Street. How do you use the power of peer advisory to grow your business? We want you to add your story to the conversation about the full range of benefits leaders like you experience when they engage with their peers.

Core ValuesJill Duemeland joined the family business, Duemelands Commercial Real Estate, in 2004, and later became the first woman CEO in the company’s 100-year history. To accelerate her education as a leader, she joined a Vistage group in North Dakota.  Her Chair, Jon Jennings, as all good Chairs do, carefully select speakers to come to the monthly meetings to share valuable content with the members. This is where Jill first met Jim Alampi.

Jim introduced Jill and her fellow members to the concept of an execution roadmap, which Jill applied to her own business, using the process to develop her company’s first set of core values. “I didn’t know at the time how important our core values were going to be until our state turned into a boom town and a modern-day gold rush,” she said.

As Jill points out, “Our company used its core values to vet potential real estate partners during a chaotic period: When offers and deals were coming at them from all angles by companies eager to profit from the boom. Core values of integrity and a family-centric business helped steer them away from dubious deals and the allure of working 15 hours a day to close more deals.”

Like most peer advisory group members, Jill attends monthly meetings with her peers, taking the opportunity to step out of her business in order to focus on growing her business. At every meeting, she benefits from the wisdom, experience, and accountability of her peers – and walks away with new insights, strategies and tools to help overcome challenges and seize new opportunities.  If you’ve achieved remarkable results thanks to a fellow peer group member or a guest speaker, visit our Facebook page to share what you learned and how it made a lasting difference in your company!


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