10 Scary Questions for Halloween to Get the Most Out of Life and Your Business

Halloween is around the corner.

In the spirit of the season, here are 10 scary questions for Halloween you can answer to get the most out of your life and your business.

There are 5 personal questions and 5 business questions.

Why the personal questions on a business blog?  Because before you can hold others accountable to achieve the results you say you want, you first must hold yourself accountable. And before you can hold yourself accountable, you first must know what matters most to you.

10 Scary Questions for Halloween to Get the Most Out of Life and Your BusinessThese 10 questions are so obvious they’re often overlooked.  And frankly, they’re questions that terrify a lot of successful people because it forces them to think about what’s really important.

I selected these 10 questions from more than 500 provocative questions in my most recent book, That’s A Great Question.

Do you have the courage to ask yourself the tough question?  The obvious question?  The scary question?

10.  What am I most passionate about today? Is my passion being fulfilled in the work that I’m

doing or am I settling?

9.  If our company did not exist, what would the world be missing?

8.  Are our organization’s values cheap words, or do they reflect how things get done?

7.  Are my organization’s values aligned with my personal values?

6. If our company exerted just 5 percent more effort, what result would we achieve?

5.  Are we attracting the talent we need to win?

4. On a scale of 1 – 10 (with 10 the best), how would those closest to me rate their level of trust

in me?

3.  Would I agree to have dinner with myself?  If so, would I enjoy it?

          2.  If I knew I couldn’t fail, what would I do?

          1.  I’ve lived a rich, full life.  It’s over and friends and relatives have gathered to celebrate my life.  What’s being said about me

               in the eulogy?           

Self-discovery doesn’t happen overnight or even over a weekend. 

So I have 2 challenges – or wishes, if you prefer – for you this Halloween:

First, these and other questions will prompt you to think long and hard about issues you’ve never considered in a meaningful way to help you come to grips with what’s really important to you.

Second, use your newfound conclusions to take action in order to enhance your life by getting more of whatever you consider to be important to you.

Don’t end up like Frankenstein – a scary combination of other people’s lives.

Find yourself.  Then be yourself.

The only thing scarier than answering the questions, is not answering them.

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