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What is Wheel$pin costing you?

Thought-flow is a leading indicator of cash-flow.  Cash-flow is a trailing indicator of thought-flow.  The cash-flow you have today is a result of the thought-flow leading up to this point and your thought-flow going forwards from here will determine your future cash-flow.

You show me a business which is falling short with cash-flow and I’ll show you one which has been falling short on thought-flow.  Napolean Hill said it so well, all those years ago in his 1960 book, “Think and Grow Rich”, which is truer these days than ever before – think well and grow rich – don’t think well and grow poor.

The challenge is that thinking well these days means we have to think differently.  Conventional approaches don’t work in unconventional times.  We must think differently, question differently, decide differently and act differently, much more as an ongoing, real-time, dynamic flow of a journey on a shifting landscape.  The speed of business, pace of change and unprecedented turbulence, uncertainty and volatility, are testing our agility like never before.  Many fail the test, defaulting into wheel$pin, which can cost a fortune.

Just ask the shareholders of RIM (Research in Motion, maker of Blackberry) who’s market share of smart phones and share price are less than half what they were only two years ago!  Just ask the shareholders of Blockbuster, bought by Dish Network in a fire sale for cents on the dollar!  Just ask the shareholders of Borders, dissolved in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Businesses don’t fail because of a lack of cash, they fail because of a lack of agility!  A lack of agility to sustain traction, with the necessary flow of thinking, questions, decisions and actions needed to stay ahead of the curve. What is wheel$pin costing you?  How do you get back into traction?  We need more agile approaches to translate strategy and execution into traction:  “Wheel$pin:  The Agile Executive’s Manifesto – Accelerate Your Growth;  Leverage Your Value;  Beat Your Competition”.

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